We are happy to announce that Louisa (Weezie) Hayes, professional swim instructor, will be coaching our 2 week junior swim program this summer

‪See lesson details below. There will be a sign up sheet at the front office. You can stop by or call the club, ‪802-253-8250 to reserve a spot. The cost is $140.00 for the 2 week program, which provides the participant with 6 lessons.

Registration and Payment must be completed by Wednesday July15.

We need at least 3 participants in each class. *If lessons are cancelled due to thunderstorms we will have make up lessons August 6th and 7th.


The STC Junior Committee

Swim Program for Members only

2019 STC Jr Swim Lessons

2 Week Program, total 6 lessons

Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursdays

July 23,24,25

July 30,31, Aug.1

10 – 11 Stroke Clinic ~ Swimmers will learn the fundamentals of the four competitive strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly), and the 2 survival strokes (Elementary Backstroke, Sidestroke). Swimmers will gain endurance along with technique and refinement. This lesson is similar to the American Red Cross level 4 & 5. Swimmers should be water competent before joining this level. (jump into deep water, tread for 1 minute & swim the length of the pool) These swimmers are encouraged to use goggles and swim caps with long hair, they should also be prepared to do their best, try new things, and have fun!

‪11:15-Noon‪ : Learn to Swim - Swimmers will be supported in the water learning the fundamental of swimming, such as floating, breath control (bubbles!), arm and leg movement, under water exploration, and swimming! This level is great for new swimmers and returning swimmers who need some support to build their skills with the goal of preforming the fundamentals independently. This level is similar to American Red Cross Preschool levels & Learn to swim Levels 1 & 2. Swimmers will use flotation aids, toys, and games to practice their skills.

‪Noon - 1:00pm‪ : Swim Stronger - Swimmers will build on the fundamentals with the goal of achieving water competency. Swimmers will practice the fundamentals with and without support, be introduced to different ways to move through the water using strokes, floating, treading and underwater exploration. This class is similar to American Red Cross Learn to Swim Level 3. Swimmers will gain confidence in their skills and increase their love of the