1.         Joining the Ladder:     A person or team  not listed on a Ladder and newly joining, may challenge any position on the Ladder.  A winning challenger moves into the position of the person or team defeated.  The person or team defeated moves down one position.  A losing challenger joins the ladder at the bottom position of the ladder.

2.         Challenges:   A person or team  on a Ladder may challenge upwards a maximum of  3 positions; however, a person or team  may not challenge the same person or team  more than once in two weeks.  Challenges shall be accepted and scheduled within one week; otherwise the challenge shall be regarded as successful.  A winning challenger moves into the position of the person or team defeated, who then moves down one position. A person or team need not accept more than one challenge per week.

3.         Responsibilities:   The challenger shall arrange for court time at the STC at a mutually agreeable time and shall supply new balls for the match.  The winner shall report the results of the match, including the scores, on the record sheets provided on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse.  A match shall consist of  2 out of  3 sets with tie breakers at 6 – 6.  If a match cannot be completed because of court time or weather restraints, the players shall schedule a mutually convenient time within one week to complete the match.

4.         Inactivity:  Any player or team  on the Ladder from position 5 and higher who shall not have played a ladder match either as challenger or challenged within each three week period designated by the Ladder Chairman shall forfeit one position on the ladder. The other ladder positions will be adjusted accordingly.

5.         Any and all disagreements or questions regarding Ladder standings or play may be directed to the Ladder Chairman, Jay Friedenson, who shall have full and final discretion to resolve any such disagreements or questions